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the Amazon is an incredible place, one of the lungs of the Earth It is known that there are millions of species of birds and mammals, as well as 2.5 million insects. But there are still corners of this beauty that have not been seen by man western. It has a great biodiversity, and it is incredible to live with nature. this great territory is one of the few places that the human being has not been able to know in its totality, many people have wanted to go to explore beyond what they know but the Brazilian government does not allow it since this would imply damaging or affecting its flora and fauna.


Escrito por JoseXelmundo 06-03-2018 en Travels. Comentarios (0)

in egypt there is a world to explore, it is incredible the amount of things that can be done and at the same time learn a bit of history, since there are a huge number of temples and ancient cities, for example the Pyramids of Guiza, Karnak, Abu Simbel , among others. and above you can take cruises to explore the Nile River and explore reefs of the Red Sea. we can also visit an immense amount of museums, which is not bad to learn culture and history as I had already mentioned, apart from this country it captures my attention too much because it hides very great mysteries that I would love to know, I just love Egypt!